Smart Girls Get What They Want

12924304Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer

Can someone please explain to me why I didn’t read this sooner? I just— I don’t understand.

Let me just get it out there in the open: I am a total, complete, diehard hopeless romantic. And sometimes (I’m sorry) I might take a while to buy/read a certain book if it doesn’t seem to have much romance in it—I know, I’m ashamed. Anyway, it sat untouched on my shelf for a while until finally—and I say this with a smile—I read it. This book was downright adorable! I laughed. I sighed. I swooned. I rolled my eyes. I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. I wanted to hurl the book against the wall and then check it for bruises before jumping back in.

Surprised? So was I.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was not the romance—though that’s definitely a factor too—but the way the characters’ struggles are so relatable. The three main characters, Gigi (the narrator), Neerja, and Bea, are coasting through high school (with sky high grades) under the radar. Actually, forget that. They’re not under the radar; they’re completely off the grid. When they are hit with this striking realization, they decide its time to change things up a bit. The girls each set off to do something they’re afraid of, something that will make people remember their names.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s another clichéd story with a social outcast who wants to become popular but realizes somewhere along the way that they’re awesome enough already. Yawn. But I’m here to assure you it is not. The characters aren’t relatable because of a desperation to fit in or stand out, but rather a mission to make their four years of high school as incredible as possible.

Okay, I can’t hold back anymore. I just have to mention the boys. You know how in many books you can tell right from the first few chapters which characters are going to couple-up? This isn’t the case with Smart Girls Get What They Want. Well, sort of isn’t. In the beginning when the first guy is introduced I thought, oh, DUH, she’s gonna end up with him. But then the second guy shows up a few pages later and I’m like, wait, no, it’s definitely gonna be this guy. Eventually yes, I guessed and guessed right but through most of the book my heart and my guesses kept flip-flopping from one guy to the other—hence the frustrated hair pulling.

So, add to that a load of sarcasm, a ton of laughs, a few handfuls of swooning and smiling, a large dose of totally random facts (which I absolutely ADORE), and okay fine, a dash of predictability and cliché-ness (but really, what was the last book you read that wasn’t at all predictable or cliché?) and there you have it folks, one more book for the ‘I’ve-gotta-read-this’ list.

PS: When I first read the synopsis I was under the impression that the point of view switched between the three girls but in fact the entire novel is written from Gigi’s perspective. Just thought I’d let ya know in case anyone has any qualms about books switching perspectives.

Click here for the book synopsis on Goodreads!

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