13146312Crash by Lisa McMann

I know it’s not exactly what I’m supposed to be talking about but may I just say that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS COVER. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but wow. There is a fire in her eye! It’s gorgeous and I love it so very much.

Sorry, had to get that out.

Right. The book.

I started off pretty happy with it. It gets started immediately which I thought was great because I hate when it takes FOREVER for anything to happen. Within the first few pages, Jules is having the vision of the car crash and talking about Sawyer, the guys she’s in love with. It’s the stuff in the middle I wasn’t so keen on. For the speed at which the plot picked up, I hadn’t expected it to slow down quite so much. A lot of the time in between is her seeing visions and stressing about visions and worrying about Sawyer. However, after a very thoughtful shower (not kidding), Jules seems to finally get up and do something about it. Here is where it picks up and all the action comes in and might I say, it is very intense indeed. Then the big stuff is over and the plot descends as the pages go by. Good things happen, bad things happen. All kinds of things are revealed. There. That’s it. The end.

Except it’s not.

Because on the very last page it all changes. The tables turn. The world stops. I felt like someone had just landed a sucker-punch to my gut. I eagerly flipped the page desperate for more but nope. There. That’s it. The end.


But let’s rewind. Despite my irritation with the middle chunk, I really like the main character, Jules. She is witty, quirky, occasionally creepy, and just plain awesome. Even when the plot is slow-moving her humour and sarcasm keep it interesting.

Another thing: It might just be me but I often find that when something strange or completely unbelievable happens to the main character, it takes too short a time for them and their buddies to accept it. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m a werewolf,” and your bestie saying, “Okay cool. So did you do the homework?” If it were me, I’d probably think I’m insane; if it were a friend, I’d probably think they’re insane. What was different in Crash is that the characters reacted exactly the way I would. Even though at times I wanted nothing more than to reach inside, grab them by the shoulders, and shake some sense into them, I was glad that finally, FINALLY someone reacts properly.

Despite its slowness, I quite enjoyed Crash. I didn’t love it (like the cover. Teehee) but I definitely really liked it. Now, as much as I would love to stay and continue chatting with all you fine people, I’ve gotta go. Off to get #2!

*hops in meatball food truck and honks in goodbye*

Click here for the book synopsis on Goodreads!

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