Burn for Burn

13406425Burn for Burn by Sibohan Vivian & Jenny Han

I wasn’t planning on reading this book. It wasn’t on my must-have book list taped to my bookshelf, it wasn’t on my ‘to-read’ shelf on goodreads, nothing. My non-reader sister bought the book way back and had it lying beside her when I walked in. She wasn’t reading it so I thought, ‘why not?’ I plopped down beside her and opened the book.

I didn’t move until I finished it.

Burn for Burn is about three teenage girls who decide karma is taking way too long to do its job. They’ve each been wronged by someone in their school and agree that it is high time they got their comeuppance so they work together to create a colossal takedown for all three of their victims. It’s revenge time, baby. MUAHAHAHA.

Like I said, I hadn’t been planning on reading this book. I have mixed emotions when it comes to these revenge stories; one part of me always thinks, “Don’t do it! What if you get caught? What if you make it worse?” while the other part screams, “YOU GO GIRL! THAT BEYOTCH DESERVES IT!” I didn’t have super high expectations for this book but once I got into it, I was hooked. I was expecting it to be a lot of whining about evil ex-boyfriends or traitorous former besties and that the ‘karma’ would be directed at those who’d, I don’t know, cheated on them or spread some nasty rumour. I was quite wrong about this. So I may have gotten the victims somewhat right, but the motives and intentions run far deeper than some betrayal or the fury of a woman scorned. The book and the characters deal with some serious issues like bullying and date rape and suicide. And as more of the cruel actions of the karma targets were revealed, the hesitant part of me got quieter and I totally understood why they were doing what were doing.

A negative: This book isn’t supposed to be supernatural. At least, I didn’t think it was. However, there’s this one character who subconsciously messes with things when she gets really emotional. For example, she gets really upset and suddenly causes all electricity in the building to shut off. It is a very small part of the story but it just seems so out of place. I have a feeling it will be a bigger part of the next books and while I’m looking forward to everything else, I’m not looking forward to that.

All in all, I really did enjoy reading Burn for Burn. I was expecting light and quick; what I got was suspenseful and gripping. I was, once again, surprised and I am, once again, quite excited to read the next one.

Click here here for the book synopsis on Goodreads!

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