City of Heavenly Fire

8755785So I read and reviewed (and loved!) this book waaaay back when it first came out, long before starting this blog so I hadn’t any intention of posting it. Buuuuuut, in honour of the upcoming release of Lady Midnight, book 1 of the The Mortal Instruments sequel series The Dark Artifices (March 8, 2016- EEEP!), I figured why not?

***Ye be warned: This review is of the last in a series and so contains some minor spoilers of previous books. If you haven’t yet read the rest, I urge you to proceed with caution.***

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Any Mortal Instruments fans out there will already know this but for the sake of the rest of you, I’ll give a little extra info. City of Heavenly Fire is the 6th and final instalment to the highly acclaimed series by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments. The first book of the series, City of Bones, was one of the first YA books I read. I fell in love almost immediately; demons, downworlders, kick-ass Shadowhunters, romance, and hot guys—it was everything I wanted in a book. If you’re into demons, vampires, faeries and all that jazz, pretty please pick up the first one.

So. The book.

I’ve got to admit, the slogan for this one caused me a minor internal panic attack. Who will survive? WHO WILL SURVIVE?! I don’t want anyone to die!!!! I want Clary and Jace to get married (if I can’t have him for myself, that is…) and have little Shadowhunter babies. I want Magnus to live another who-knows-how-many years and to be with Alec as long as possible (which means they better un-breakup). I want Izzy and Simon to DTR (Define The Relationship- read the book, you’ll get it). However, I was both thrilled and slightly disappointed with the outcome. Yes—important people die, yes—I cried, but the whole ‘Who Will Survive?’ thing led me to believe there’d be just a little bit more. I’m not saying it’s not heart-breaking because believe me, it is; I’m basically saying that if you’re hoping for a bloodbath in which all the main characters are brutally murdered—which I don’t understand why anyone would want—then this book isn’t what you’re looking for.

A lot of people I’ve spoken to about the series in general said they weren’t a fan of Clary in the first few books—too whiny and annoying. If you agree then you’re probably worried about this continuing in City of Heavenly Fire. FEAR NOT, MY FELLOW BOOKWORMS! Clary’s character in this final book seems to have underwent an extreme attitude check—living with your murderous brother and semi-possessed boyfriend can do that to a girl. She is fiercer, more independent— overall, just better. And since her boyfriend is no longer thought to be her brother, nor is he possessed by her ACTUAL brother (although there’s still that pesky little heavenly fire problem), she is no longer spending most of her time complaining about her relationship—or lack-thereof—with Jace.

Overall, I loved it. One piece of advice though for anyone who wants to read it: read The Infernal Devices first. There are number of hidden references throughout the book that made me smile because I knew exactly where they came from. The book is still very good on its own, but I felt having read the prequel series gave it a little something extra.

Click here for the book synopsis on Goodreads!

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