It’s been far too long, dear friends. Like, forever long. My bad.

Here’s the deal: nine months ago (cool your jets, guys; this ain’t a pregnancy tale) I packed my bags, dropped a couple hundred on books I didn’t actually want to buy, bid a tearful farewell to my cat and moved into a new apartment in a new city with three complete strangers to work myself to the point of near-death. You called it, folks–I went to university. University, I’ve discovered, is very overwhelming and in my being overwhelmed it would seem I neglected both this precious blog and–please don’t hate me!–my precious books.

*drops into armadillo position and waits for the angry mob to pass*

I think I read a staggering total of, like, eight books during those eight months I was at school. For such an avid, obsessive reader like myself, that hurts. It physically hurts.

Anyway, the point of this post was not to lament my lack of reading but give a long-overdue hello–hi!–an apology for my absence–I’m sorry!–and a bit of a heads up for what’s to come. So here you go:

  1. I originally intended to use this blog purely for reviews but I recently decided that in future I’ll be posting a variety of book-related things to offer the ultimate online portrayal of what being a bookworm is all about.
  2. I’ve been throwing around the idea of making some videos as well as doing these text posts. I’m more of a writing kind of gal but I’ve had a few people make the suggestion so I may try it out. Not sure if I’ll post them here too or straight to YouTube under the same blog name though so details to follow.
  3. This one’s a bit of a warning: I am soon going to attempt making this site a little more organized. Now, the key word in that sentence is ‘attempt.’ I am so completely out of my element when it comes to technology that I would not be surprised in the slightest if I screwed up in the process. So apologies in advance if things get a little wonky…

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for today. I promise I’ll try to be better with the posting from now on–I’m home for the summer now so I’ll have more time to devote to all this fun stuff and I’ll do my darndest to keep up during the school year. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you guys! What are you reading? Do you have any ideas for future posts? Is there anything particularly spectacular you think I should be reading? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!

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