He’s So Not Worth It

9703097He’s So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott



Okay, breathe, breathe. In, out. Whew.

Ahem, all right then. He’s So Not Worth It is the sequel to She’s So Dead To Us and the second in the He’s So/She’s So trilogy. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve already read the first one (if not, you may not want to see this) and know about the nasty little video and Shannen’s all-around evilness. The sequel follows Ally and Jake as they attempt (not so successfully) to deal with the fallout.

So. Ally. She actually annoyed me a bit this time ’round. Her whole thing with Jake I understood–he, once again, screws everything up in trying to patch things up. It was her relationship with Cooper and the way her character started to change while struggling to deal with the whole parental issue that bothered me. When I read the blurb on the back of my copy, I’d been under the impression that the new guy would be used as a distraction from her missing/an attempt to get over Jake as I’d read in so many books before. However, Cooper and his local buddies appear to be used more as an escape from her mom and her boyfriend Gray who are getting far too close for Ally’s comfort. And for a little while there she turns into a bit of a beyotch. BUUUT, her reasons for rebellion and bitchitude make a whole lot of sense so while I did not particularly like seeing the character that way, I could accept it.

Jake on the other hand takes a turn for the better. Well, eventually. His awful grades and party-boy lifestyle have gotten him grounded, forced into a summer class and job, and stuck in Orchard Hill while his friends–and sort-of girlfriend–go ham on the Shore. He starts out just like the old jerky Jake with the exception of his sweet devotion to getting Ally back. But when he gets closer to Chloe, also on the Crest for the summer, he gets back to the Jake we all know and love most. I quite liked their relationship for majority of the novel because it was so friendly–they’re clearly good for each other and both of them need a friend so it works.

Things get better with Shannen and Faith too. It seems everyone’s pretty much turned over a new leaf (Except Ally. Ally has a bad leaf) and things look like they’ll be looking up for This is So Not Happening.


Despite the infuriating ending, He’s So Not Worth It lives up to the standard She’s So Dead to Us set. The characters are still likeable and real, even when they’re being annoying. The plot is still complex and original. The writing is still sophisticated yet teenager-y. I did find it at times frustratingly slow-going, as though the whole thing with Ally’s parents and her rebellion was being drawn out but it isn’t too bad and it was still nice to see Jake’s parts when Ally got annoying.

Bonus? Most chapters are preceded not by text conversations as in She’s So Dead to Us but by pages of Annie’s Crestie-stalking notes!

All in all, He’s So Not Worth It is a “worthy” addition (see what I did there? Ha! I crack myself up) to the He’s So/She’s S0 trilogy.

Click here for the book synopsis on Goodreads!

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