Lux: Consequences

19081402Opal and Origin by J. L. Armentrout

Welcome back, Katy and Daemon! Oh how I’ve missed you.

Like Lux: Beginnings, Lux: Consequences is a compendium, this time containing Opal and Origin, books two and three of the Lux series. Opal picks up in the aftermath of Adam’s death (SOB), Blake’s & Will’s disappearances, Dawson’s return, and Katy’s torture by Daedalus, the secret government sect under the DOD that regulates (read: KIDNAPS AND TORTURES AND FORCIBLY EXPERIMENTS ON) the Luxen. I know, TONS OF STUFF. The gang is still reeling from the events of Onyx but hatch a plan to push back on Daedalus and rescue Dawson’s dear beloved Beth. But, you know, “the best laid plans…”

Shit’s gon’ go downhill reeeeeeeeal fast.

Books 3 especially shows a different side of all the characters. Katy is still sharp as a tack but her confidence has dipped, weighed down by guilt over what happened to Adam. She’s a little more nervous, and a lot more desperate to always always be proving herself. Daemon’s protectiveness has skyrocketed now that not only he and Katy are officially together but also since Dawson has a tendency to be a f***ing moron when it comes to Daedalus and Bethany. Dee, sweet and sunny Dee has done a magical 180 degree transformation into a Class A beyotch. Seriously, her bitchitude rivals Ash’s (who BTW is borderline nice????). Also, she’s kinda ruthless–it’s terrifying.

Either way, it’s intriguing to watch the characters–who after the first two you think you have down pat–so shaken up that they change profoundly, while still being recognizable as those same characters as before. You watch them grow once in the first two, then grow again–differently, but in the same direction.

The story arc this time ’round is nearly entirely devoid of any Arum-related craziness, focusing instead on Daedalus. It’s a much more politically-charged plot than the earlier supernatural element making it simultaneously more complicated and more intriguing. I’d thought the Arum conflict with the whole light/dark personification thing was cool–and it is!–but Daedalus is so ridiculously complex and secretive it’s like something new is being revealed allllll the time. It’s also IMPOSSIBLE to guess half of it (the other half is difficult to predict at best) so basically every other page has you going WTF WHAT IS GOING ON OH MY GOD UH OH NO NO NO.

Now I know my review of Lux: Beginnings was chock full of praise especially–especially–for the romance but this one’s decidedly less gushy. I love love love Kat and Daemon and I’m so so so glad they’re finally together, that much is indisputable. Buuuuuuuut…oh for goodness sake Daemon, lighten up. It’s like he took a dose of alpha-male steroids and allllll of that obsessive protective goodness is laser-focused on his Kitten. Kat of course is too stubbornly headstrong to actually do as he says (you go, girl! Kick some corrupt government ass!) which just turns everything into a long mental monologue about how he’s doing it out of love and she’d insist the same thing and isn’t he just so great. Daemon’s POV debuts in Origin and it’s almost worse for the syrupy saccharine lovey-doveyness! All Kat this and Kat that and she amazes me this and I’m in awe of that. I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH BUT STOP THIS. I don’t like your syrupy love–can we please turn it down a bit?

Then at the same time they’re just so cute and Daemon’s just so hot and they’re just so perfect and UGH. I don’t even know what to think anymore. I want a Daemon–anyone want to join me for some sexy alien hunting?

Bright side! The banter is still ever-present and still positively wonderful. They bring all the joy to my life.

I wish I could go into better detail of all the feels but the two-book deal makes that real hard without spoilers so alas, here I am (if you’ve read them though tell me in the comments and we can work through all our painful emotions together *sobs*). I wouldn’t say Lux: Consequences was necessarily better than the first–I think Obsidian so far is my favourite–but the way everything is coming together is highly intriguing and still very very very good. My hopes are high for Opposition!

Click here for the book synopsis on goodreads!

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