Hello, my lovelies!

Sincere apologies for my absence last week. I was on a trip to NYC the week before and then had the BookTubeAThon going on all this past week so I got a liiiiiiiittle behind on my reviews. Oops. Thankfully, because of the BookTubeAThon I’ve been reading non-stop so I have no shortage of books to talk about! If you’re interested in watching any of my videos for that you can find them here (though I warn you, I don’t have a good camera yet) but in the meantime I will be hard at work catching up so I’ll do my best to get those out twice a week, as per usual.

Now on to a different order of business! If you haven’t noticed already, this blog is basically entirely reviews. I love writing reviews! But I also want to start making some different kinds of posts too, so here I am asking an opinion. What kinds of fun posts do you guys like to read? If you’re also a book blogger, what do you most enjoy writing about? Any specific tags that are cool to do? I’m open to basically anything, so hit me with everything you’ve got!

That is all for today, my wonderful reading friends! À la prochaine! *blows a kiss*

Xoxo, Brittney

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