Summer Recap


Hello hello, bookworms! Can you believe summer is finally coming to a close? I can’t quite decide whether to be angry about having to go back to university, or glad because it’ll finally give me something to do again. What can I say? I’m a nerd, and life is weird without homework.

Aaaaaaaanyway, I just realized that I’VE NEVER DONE A MONTHLY WRAP-UP! Whaaaaaaaaaaat. Yeah apparently I’ve been doing them in video form, but not writing them up over on here, which is just all kinds of I’m-sorry and so-wrong. So to rectify the situation I’m doing a recap of July and August in one. The original plan was to do June in here too but that was getting to 20-something books and things were getting long. Like, even longer than usual long.

I might actually continue doing these seasonal wrap-ups instead of monthly ones because I like seeing everything all together, and school does have its dark sides–like ALMOST ENTIRELY PREVENTING ME FROM READING FOR FUN AND THEREFORE RUINING MY LIFE–but, uh, I should probably get one done first. So here we go!


3236307Graceling by Kristin Cashore – This book filled me with a whole lot of love and a whole lot of regret! The characters are great, their dynamic is great, the romance is great, the plot is great, the world is great, SO MUCH IS GREAT AND I SHOULD HAVE READ IT 8 YEARS AGO WHEN I FIRST HAD THE CHANCE!

6135633Sphinx’s Princess by Esther Friesner – This one was all right. As an origin story/retelling of the Ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti I felt it fell a little flat (though I’ll concede I’m probably biased here, given my Egypt love and all) and there were some pacing and character issue I wasn’t fond of but overall it’s okay.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole – I think I’m just going to ignore this one’s existence and move on to happier topics…

20759498Compulsion by Martina Boone – Quite the pleasant surprise! It’s set on Gothic Southern plantations and has a ghost plot murder mystery–how much more can you ask for?! There’s a big lull in the middle and the ending really comes out of left field but overall I enjoyed it!

10576365The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken – I sincerely apologize to the friend who told me to read this for not reading it when you told me to because damn. I’m not usually much of a dystopia gal, but this one is intriguing and original and up to its eyeballs in crazy Holocaust-level dark sh*t and awesome characters so it’s great!

17084242The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason – This book is the most beautiful hodgepodge I have ever read and I thoroughly surprised myself by loving it! Sherlock Holmes + Bram Stoker + time travel + steampunk + raising an Egyptian goddess = an unexpectedly delicious fictional buffet of Mandarin proportions.

Venom by Fiona Paul – This one started stronger than it ended up being overall but I mostly enjoyed the read. It’s a murder mystery/romance that’s more romance than mystery set in Renaissance Venice so it’s almost worth reading just for the rich setting.

17866944Deception’s Princess by Esther Friesner – Mostly the same feelings here as earlier with Sphinx’s Princess, though this time ’round I think I may have enjoyed myself a teeeeeensy bit more.

18584855Heartless by Marissa Meyer – Cath! Jest! Hatta! All my sweet Wonderland babies, how I love you so! This book knocked my Victorian Wonderland-approved stockings off. I relished in every tear. It is amazing (also, it’s GORGEOUS!)

18368525Tangled Webs by Lee Bross – This is a prime example of why not to judge a book by it’s cover–it had me fooled. Tangled Webs isn’t bad, it’s just everything seems a little…flat, and I just didn’t like it as much as I’d hoped to. Don’t trust the blackmail-promising blurb, either–it lies too *cry face*

22328546Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Okay I know this is going to be a source of contention, but I didn’t really love it like everyone else seems to (please don’t throw me into an electric pit with Evangeline!). HOWEVER! I still enjoyed it, I’m glad I read it, and the ending has made 16429619me super pumped to go get the next one!!!

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson – I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. SO. FREAKING. MUCH. I could go on for hours but I’ll graciously spare you if you promise to read it. Or sacrifice to me a stuffed llama.

17745703Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon – Helloooooooo, Scotland! This book was SO much more fun that I expected. It follows two best friends into the hidden magical medieval-y Scottish kingdom of Doon, which is already great. Throw in some magic and hot lairds? Yeah, it’s perfect 😉

26116460Unrivaled by Alyson Noël – Funny story: I dreaded this book. Now? IT’S SO GOOD. Unrivaled really digs into the gritty, manipulative underbelly of LA and celebrity culture, which is fascinating in itself. Plus the missing persons mystery (despite the lull in the middle) is intriguing so overall I quite liked it!

Total: 14


25897792Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor – THIS BOOK IS MY EVERYTHING. Okay, maybe not but it has my everything. Time travel, the Middle Ages (Eleanor and Henry II’s court, no less!!!!!), AND forbidden romances? My inner history nerd and hopeless romantic spent the entire novel screaming of joy. The writing and the plot and the characters are all great too BTW–just so you don’t go thinking I slacked off when I got excited (I totally did. I’m overexcited).

Yeah. That’s it. Total: 1

Notice the not so lovely shift from the 14 books I read in July to the 1 single book I read in all of August? See what happens when school starts rearing its partially ugly head? See how utterly tragic this is?


Also a couple classics I couldn’t find the right cover photos for and waaaaay too many history books that I will not bombard this page with…


Aaaaaaaand the winners are…

These are my top 3 reads of the summer! Heartless was going to be second place until I remembered the heartbreak and tears I suffered at its hands so…nope! I loved you, but you hurt me. Into the Dim, on the other hand, was not cruel to me so welcome to second place! And of course, OF COURSE, The Kiss of Deception is going to be my number one! I don’t stop talking about it! I can’t stop talking about it! I will never stop talking about it.

That’s all, folks, for my summer reading recap! I’m telling you right now my fall one will be nowhere near as exciting, despite all the über exciting books coming out (*sobs inconsolably*)–unless y’all wanna hear about my history texts and Latin grammar books–but at least I have July’s successes to bask in for a little while :p

For now I’ll just say a little prayer to all the pantheons to give me just a little free reading time this school year (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease).

For now, happy reading! And for anyone also heading back to school, may your classes be interesting and your homework be limited.

xoxo, Brittney


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