Introducing: Compendium of Quotes

Hello hello, bookworms!

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a little while now, and incredibly basic as it is, I think it’ll be fun in the long run.

See, first I was thinking about keeping a running list of quotes I love from various books, but I already have a notebook for that and a list on my phone. It didn’t sit the way I wanted it to.

But what would be fun? A collaborative one.

I opened the page under “Compendium of Quotes” (you’ll see it in the bar up top under ‘Bookish Fun’, or just click here). I’ve filled it so far with a bunch of lines I particularly like and will update with more as I go, but what I’d really like is you guys’ input. So! Add in the comments either here on the quotes page any lines you love and what they’re from, and I’ll regularly add to the list. That way we alllll may be graced with some kick-ass words.

xoxo, Brittney

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