Reading Rush TBR 2019

Hello, my dear lovely fellow bookaholics! Have any of you heard of Booktubeathon? Every year at the end of July it’s a week of bookish reading and video challenges to get more engaged in the online book-loving community–and win a few ARCs, if you’re lucky (I have not been lucky). The past two years I’ve done and filmed my week over on my YouTube channel (click here to watch my overexcitement) but given how hectic this year has been–hence my utter lack of posting on any bookish media platform–and the fact that I will be on vacation for last few days of it and unable to film, I decided to just stick to the reading challenge of 7 books in 7 days.

Now dubbed Reading Rush (click here to see the intro video) to include readers from other mediums (bookstagrammers and book bloggers, the week technically started this past Monday but my lack of filming has made me sad because I miss it. Thus! I have chosen my books to match each of the reading criteria and give you my belated Reading Rush TBR!

#1 – Read a Book with Purple on the Cover

Yeah yeah, I should have read this way back when it came out and my love for The Selection was still fresh, but alas! I did not. And since I just finished The Heir a few days ago, I thought this was a perfect excuse to go out and buy the series finale! Also, as far as purple-on-the-cover goes, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.

#2 – Read a Book in the Same Spot the Whole Time

HI. YES. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN I RAVED ABOUT THE KISS OF DECEPTION? Well if not, you can click here to read about how much I absolutely loved that novel. Fun fact: I read the first one back for my first booktubeathon in 2017. Fun fact: this was on my TBR last year for this readathon challenge too. Will I finally succeed in reading it? Only time and confinement to my bedroom reading chair for the entire novel will tell.

#3 – Read a Book you Meant to Read Last Year

I tried and failed and tried and failed to finish Windwitch last summer. After so loving Truthwitch, I couldn’t wait to get into its sequel, but with the change of pace and some character separation and–thus far–lack of romance, I just couldn’t get into it. My adoration for the author and the characters has yet to cease, though, so we’ll be trying this one again!

(PS. If you like Susan Dennard at all or CYOA stories or are just down for some fantasy fun, check out this thread on Dennard’s Twitter! #TheLuminaries is an idea she’s fleshing out for another series and has modified for an interactive online story. It’s definitely the highlight of my mornings so go look!)

#4 – Read an Author’s First Book

Sky in the Deep is my pick for an author’s debut because despite the mixed reviews I saw after my initial impulse buy (what? it promises Vikings and warrior women–I don’t have THAT much self-restraint!). I’m still deeply excited to see what Young’s done with the history and story so I’ll be hopping on this one shortly.

#5 – Read a Book with a Non-Human Main Character

So, I’m not entirely certain this is from the mermaid’s perspective because the blurb didn’t help very much in my investigation, but I think it is? Either way, with the focus at least being on a non-human character and a mermaid definitely putting the most non- in non-human out of my book options (witches just felt too people-like), this one was an obvious choice!

#6 – Read a Book with 5+ Words in the Title

To help me decide on a book for this, I opted not just for a novel with 5+ words in the title, but the one on my shelf with longest title. This gothic horror twist is one I’ve wanted to read for years but have consistently chickened out at so it’s probably good that Reading Rush could give me that extra little push. Or bad. Considering my nonexistent tolerance for horror this could also be a very bad idea. Guess I’ll find out soon!

#7 – Read and Watch a Book to Movie Adaptation

Aaaaand finally we reach book número 7! I don’t have many unread books that have been turned into movies that I haven’t already seen, so I’m opting instead for a TV show. A Discovery of Witches is most definitely the largest and therefore the biggest challenge of these 7 to complete in a week, but it’s also one of my most anticipated reads that I’ve brought home this summer, and the show is one of my most anticipated for the year. I figure finishing the tome and watching the pilot episode should be enough to check this one off!

Well, that’s all for today, folks! I’ll update sometime next week on what I managed to finish and put together some reviews for those I get through. Here’s hoping my track record improves from the past few years and I’m actually able to finish all of these for once. Best of luck to any other participants!

xoxo, Brittney

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