27774409Recreated by Colleen Houck

Recreated is another one of those surprising instances where the second in a trilogy is much better than the first.

If any of you read my review of Reawakened last year you’ll know that I did not feel it did my dear beloved Egyptian mythology justice. Or, rather, my too-many frustrations with the MCs rendered me unable to enjoy the history. If it weren’t that Egyptian mythology is basically never used in any form of text nowadays (*wink wink* *nudge nudge* authors!) and my undying love for (read: obsession with) Ancient Egypt, Recreated probably would have been one of those sequels that got put on my TBR list just because I don’t like not finishing series and then remained mysteriously unread until I forgot about it. Not that that’s happened before. Haha. Ha. Nope…

A thousand thanks to the old gods and the new for depriving me enough of Egyptian goodness that I was forced to read this. Please accept the sacrifice of a virtual goat in tribute for my thanks. Continue reading



Reawakened by Colleen Houck

Book 2 of the EpicReads Decathlon, CHECK!

So before we get started a little background info: I am absolutely obsessed with Ancient Egyptian history. Absolutely. Obsessed. I’m actually studying history in university right now thanks to my discovery of Egypt long ago–it launched my love of history in general. That said, it is possible that despite my sincerest efforts to avoid it, when it comes to this mythology I may be just a liiiiiiittle bit, um, particular. Picky? Something along those lines. Anyway, once I realized Reawakened was an Egyptian story, it almost didn’t matter what the rest of the novel was about. I did my best though to avoid getting caught up in the minute details. Surprisingly enough, the issues I had had nothing to do with the use of the history and everything to do with the story itself. Continue reading