Burn for Burn

13406425Burn for Burn by Sibohan Vivian & Jenny Han

I wasn’t planning on reading this book. It wasn’t on my must-have book list taped to my bookshelf, it wasn’t on my ‘to-read’ shelf on goodreads, nothing. My non-reader sister bought the book way back and had it lying beside her when I walked in. She wasn’t reading it so I thought, ‘why not?’ I plopped down beside her and opened the book.

I didn’t move until I finished it.

Burn for Burn is about three teenage girls who decide karma is taking way too long to do its job. They’ve each been wronged by someone in their school and agree that it is high time they got their comeuppance so they work together to create a colossal takedown for all three of their victims. It’s revenge time, baby. MUAHAHAHA. Continue reading