12988106.jpgChangeling by Philippa Gregory

I must admit (quite shamefully) that upon finishing this I realized it’s been on my TBR bookshelf for six years.



Anyway, sometime in those six years I realized the well-known tidbit that Gregory is the author of not only The Other Boleyn Girl, but a whole plethora of adult historical fiction, mostly on bad-ass Tudor and Plantagenet women (for the non-history majors out there, those are two hugely important royal families in English history). From all you history fans in the back, can I get a “Hell yeah!”?

HELL YEAH!!! Continue reading

Dance of Shadows

12788061Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

Much about this novel makes it a prime example of why not to judge a book by its cover. The cover, as you can see, is gorgeous! The book itself, on the other hand… well, it doesn’t quite live up to it.

Dance of Shadows is about Vanessa, a freshman at the prestigious NYBA (New York Ballet Academy). This also happens to be the very same school from which her sister Margaret disappeared a few years prior. She spends the novel (well, she’s supposed to) trying to figure out what really happened to Margaret and in the process uncovers some more sinister, supernatural happenings at the academy.

Let’s begin. It has been a very long time since I read a novel where my biggest issue was with the main character. That being said, the following is written with a heavy heart: Vanessa drove me crazy. First of all, she’s a bit moronic: she does everything she shouldn’t do, trusts everyone she shouldn’t trust, and ignores ignores every warning she should heed. Continue reading

Until the End

9918053Until the End by Christopher Pike

Until the End is not one book; it is a compilation of the Final Friends trilogy written by Christopher Pike in the late 80s. In the first book, The Party, a group of friends host a get-to-know-each-other party and someone dies. The death is ruled a suicide but one of the dead person’s friends doesn’t believe it. The second, The Dance, is the friend trying to figure out what actually happened. In The Graduation, the final book, the mystery is solved. The end.

My opinion: meh.

I was expecting this book to be full of suspense and intrigue; something I wouldn’t want to put down until the final page was turned. Unrealistic expectations, I know, but I wanted something exciting and I honestly thought a murder mystery would be it. I was wrong. Continue reading