Totally-Didn’t-Happen “TBR” 2.0


Me. I am. Free from the chains and chokehold of academia to succumb to my baser bookish desires for the next 2.5 months! Though also, if y’all don’t trust me to be consistent here AGAIN, I don’t blame you. But hey, I’m a-working on it.

Aaaaaanyway, considering I not only didn’t read for a solid four months of school but I also hadn’t posted for the first 1.5 months I’ve been off for (the real world sucks, guys. Stay far far away.) I thought I’d do another shame-filled lament of everything I wanted to try but didn’t. It kinda does the double duty of what I want to read for the coming months anyway, so we’ve got a legit TBR and some teary-eyed self-deprecation all in one!

If school has taught me anything, it’s multitasking 😉 Continue reading


21936937Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman

Arrrrrrrrr, me hearties! Are ye ready for a swashbucklin’ tale of scoundrels sailing upon the raging seas? A tale of how the fiercest pirate to ‘ave ever lived became who he was?

Then this probably isn’t it.

But are you so in love with pirates that a book about a pirate before he was a pirate, set entirely in England and never on a ship, that’s primarily a love story is still right up your alley, especially if it promises that swashbuckling goodness in book 2?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome aboard! Continue reading