23309862Madly by Amy Alward

Here is a rough outline of my though process as I read Madly:

  1. Ha. Haha. You can’t be serious.
  2. Am I reading junior fiction?
  3. For god’s sake, will something interesting please happen already?!
  4. Oh. Woah. Something happened.
  5. Heeeeey, this ain’t so bad.
  6. Dare I say I may be enjoying this?
  7. I do. I dare.
  8. [Ends] That was actually kind of almost not too bad.

Madly, the first of the Potion trilogy by Amy Alward, follows seventeen-year-old Samantha, an alchemist-in-training, on a Wilde Hunt to gather the necessary ingredients to save the poisoned Princess Evelyn. The synopsis immediately caught my attention and I was originally very excited to read it–potions? forbidden(ish) romance? crazy, dangerous adventures? Yes please! But when I started reading it, much of it fell flat. Continue reading